How to Use Essential Oils In Your Home

How to Use Essential Oils in Your Home

Are you already an essential oils user but you need ideas on how to use them, or are you someone who wants to try essential oils but doesn’t know what you would do with them? Here are a few ideas on how to use essential oils in your home!


Diffusers are by far the most obvious ways to use essential oils in your home. They are definitely my favorite way, and I like to diffuse different scents almost daily in different areas of my home.

I have about five different diffusers in various rooms of my house.  What I like to do is to keep a bottle of oils I want to diffuse in that room right next to its diffusers. (Please make sure any oils are out of reach of children or pets!)

For instance, I have an invigorating blend in my home office, a Thieves® essential oil in my kitchen, and usually a lavender or other relaxing scent in my bedroom. Accessibility is key for me, and this way I am more likely to use my oils.

Skincare or Haircare

You can utilize oils in skincare. There are many oils that can be relaxing when applied topically. Panaway® is lovely for a back massage. You can also put a few drops into your hands while applying lotion or into the palm of your hand while conditioning your hair. Please be sure to dilute the oils properly when using oils in skin or hair care.

I have also had great success in creating shower melts.  Simply leave a shower melt in the corner of your tub while you shower and let it act as a diffuser for the bathroom as it dissolves.


One of the ways you can use oils in your home is utilizing them while cleaning. My best tip is to add a few drops to a steam mop pad before steam mopping your home. Any citrus essential oil will work wonderfully for this, and it makes your house smell heavenly.

You can also use Lemon Essential oil to help remove any sticky residue in your home from gum on furniture to labels left on products. You should test this in a small inconspicuous area before attempting to make sure it is safe for your surface and will not damage it.

These are just a few ways you can use essential oils in your home. What are some of your favorite ways? If you like this post, please share on social media or leave a comment below.

Sina K.

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