Beginner Guide to YL

Beginner Guide to Essential Oils

This is my beginner guide to essential oils. Or as I’m fondly preferring to call it, What I Wish I Would Have Known.

Research, Research, Research

Before picking or buying any oils, research them! What are you looking for in essential oils? What are you trying to accomplish with them?

Try to figure out their benefits, and oils that compliment each other beforehand.Know proper dilution guidelines. Research, safety, proper dilutions, dermal limits oil expirations. Find out what the most adulterated oils are, and the best brands. Debunk the myths.  Know what materials you can use them with. Figure out those Euro Caps. Familiarize yourself with important terms.

There’s a lot to know when you’re a beginner. When you think you’ve done all the research, do more.

I thought I did all my research, I spent a month reading different blogs, checking reports, finding companies and oils I wanted to try. Then when I actually received them, I realized how little I still knew about them. Mistakes were made.

You can honestly know enough. So, research, research, research. 

You Don’t Need ALL the Oils (at First)

Pick one or two to try at first. When you get them, try them, smell them, diffuse them, wear them on your diffusing jewelry.  Find ways to use them in your house, in your skincare, in your cleaning products. See if you like the scent. What are their properties? Get to know them inside and out before trying something else.

This way you really learn about an oil. You’ll know what to reach for when you need it and when you do have a collection to choose from. (Because, trust me, once you go essential, there is no going back).

Buy a Carrier Oil

Buy a carrier oil. It will come in handy if you use too much of a “hot”  oil. (Remember I said to research?)  Use it to properly dilute your oils. Use it for a nice massage, use it as a natural alternative to lotion mixed with an oil. A good carrier oil is just as important to have in your arsenal as lots of essential oils.

If you are a beginner interested in giving essential oils a try. Feel free to see where I buy my oils and sign up to receive wholesale prices, or how you could make a business from essential oils using my referral link

If you already use oils, what did you wish you knew when you started? What are your favorite tips, tricks? Let me know in the comments below. Also, check out my post on How to Use Essential Oils in the Home, and do not forget to subscribe to my blog and share.

Until Later My Friends,

Sina K.



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