Which Diaper Should You Buy? Series: Part 1, The Natural

Lately, I’ve decided to test out a few different diaper options. Little man has been using up just a few more diapers lately, and although we LOVE our current diapers, the price point is a little too much right now, considering we have to buy two to three CASES a month! (You read that right, approximately 300 diapers! Anyone else?)

I decided to share with you all my thoughts and observations. Hopefully, I can help you save money, and I help you decide which diapers may be the best for you. If you already have a favorite diaper brand or know of a different diaper brand I should try, let me know in the comments below.

Side Note: Since little man is currently in a size three diaper, that’s what we went with, and that is what I am judging the cost off of. Different sizes can also cost more or less!

The Natural

These diapers are made with more clean ingredients, and they are also slightly better for the environment. They ARE slightly more expensive then your budget buy, but they can be worth the price. Especially if you remember that you are doing your little, and the environment a favor!

Honest  Company*


 One box, (without subscription service), 60 diapers, $25.99

$0.39 each


The slightest hint of smell… maybe from the dye?


The thickest diaper we have tried. I believe that is also why I think they tend to run small?

Side Tabs:

(I don’t know about you but accidentally ripping off a side tab in the middle of a diaper change is something I despise! I made sure to check the strength and stretchiness of the tabs, as well test the stretch just for you!)

I don’t think they have much stretch, but they are definitely durable. I have never had the tab rip off during a diaper change, but I think the lack of stretch also contributes to why I think they run small.


These Honest diapers are SO absorbent. They can hold any load! I really love that they also seem to keep my baby bottom nice and dry too.

Both of these diapers have double seals to keep from leaking.


Its thickness, while a plus for absorbency I’m sure, makes this diaper feel a little stiff.


My little one has never broken out while wearing these diapers, although he has for some other major brands. We give this an A+. However, we realize that different babies react differently to different diapers.


You CAN sign up for a subscription for these diapers, which would make the diapers cheaper per diaper. If you’re interested in the subscription you can click here*.These diapers also come in lots of adorable prints, which I just think is so cute!

Seventh Generation*


one box, 93 diapers, $28.99 (at Target)

$0.32 each.


Virtually no detectable smell.


Definitely thicker than budget versions. Although, not as thick as the Honest Diaper.

Side Tabs:

Super stretchy! One of those most stretchy in all the diaper brands I’ve tried. I think this helps in fit, but on the other hand, this gives me the feeling that they might not be quite as durable as all the brands we’re comparing. But, they have also never ripped off in the middle of a diaper change. It’s a coin toss. 


These are average in absorbency. They do the job, but I might upgrade to an overnight diaper if I needed my baby to stay comfortable during a long period of time.

Both of these diaper brands have double seals to keep from leaking.


I think since the seventh generation is not as thick, it is also not quite as stiff as the honest brand diaper. I also think it is slightly softer.


Target sometimes has coupons on their Cartwheel App which can bring the price down even more per diaper. You can also find these diapers online at Amazon*. 

(From Left to Right: 7th Generation, Aldi, Target, Honest)

This concludes my “natural” diaper comparison! Did you find it helpful? Let me know in the comments below! Are you looking for a more budget-friendly option? Be sure to check out Part 2 of Which Diaper Should You Buy and subscribe to see more amazing content!

Until Later My Friends,

Sina K.

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