Which Diaper Should You Buy? Series: Part 2, The Budget

Lately, I’ve decided to test out a few different diaper options. Little man has been using up just a few more diapers lately, and although we LOVE our current diapers, the price point is a little too much right now, considering we have to buy two to three CASES a month! (You read that right, approximately 300 diapers! Anyone else?)

I decided to share with you all my thoughts and observations. Hopefully, I can help you save money, and help you decide which diapers may be the best for you. If you already have a favorite diaper brand or know of a different diaper brand I should try, let me know in the comments below.

Side Note: Since little man is currently in a size three diaper, that’s what we went with, and that is what I am judging the cost off of. Different sizes can also cost more or less!

The Budget 

These diapers are focused more on the cost, not about biodegradability. They are made with fewer clean ingredients, but they are also much better for your pocketbook. Adding a new addition is never cheap, so if you’re looking to save a few and no sacrifice on diaper performance quality, read on to find your best match! !



One pouch, (mine didn’t carry a box), 36 diapers, $4.99

$0.13 each


I sniffed hard and couldn’t detect an odor on these diapers.


The thinnest diaper in this series I tried. I believe this had an effect on the absorbency performance. 

Side Tabs:

(I don’t know about you but accidentally ripping off a side tab in the middle of a diaper change is something I despise! I made sure to check the strength and stretchiness of the tabs, as well test the stretch just for you!)

These had a good stretch to them. However, the side tab material felt super thin. The tab might not rip off if you pull hard, but it almost felt like the material might rip to me. 


These diapers claim 12 hours of absorbency on the package. I would like to say that in our case, that is definitely false. I think because these diapers are a little thin, they aren’t as absorbent as their competitors. We put these diapers to the test overnight because of their 12-hour claim. I really wish we hadn’t put them to the test. They failed. My little man slept through the night, but he was soaked and so were his pajamas. 

Both of these diapers have double seals to keep from leaking, however, in this case, it didn’t seem to do much good. 


It is very thin, and the material isn’t rough, so these do okay on the comfortability scale. 


My little one did okay with these diapers, although he has broken out using some other major brands. We give this an A+ in the sensitivity category. However, we realize that different babies react differently to different diapers.


If you’re lucky, I’ve heard some Aldi’s carry these diapers in a box, and I’ve heard they are even cheaper. Overall, however, unless you are absolutely on a budget I didn’t think these budget diapers did the job.



one box, 160 diapers, $21.99

$0.14 each.


Also no smell on these diapers that I could sniff.


These are probably ever so slightly thicker than the Aldi diaper in my opinion.

Side Tabs:

Okay stretch, okay on durability. They have also never ripped off on me, but I think if you weren’t careful and pulled too hard they just might.


These are terrific in absorbency, especially considering how thin these are! They really do a wonderful job, and we were even able to do these overnight in a pinch. They didn’t keep the bum dry as well as say the Honest Company diapers. But they far outperformed their budget competitor Aldi.  

Both of these diaper brands have double seals to keep from leaking.


I think these were nicely in the middle since they didn’t feel stiff, but the material on the outside was not the softest out of all the diapers I tested. 


These Target diapers are the only diapers I tested with an indicator strip. Considering how very inexpensive these are, I thought that was a wonderful feature! I truly, and surprisingly, loved the Target brand, and thought they did a very good job!

(From Left to Right: 7th Generation, Aldi, Target, Honest)

This concludes my “budget” diaper comparison! Did you find it helpful? Let me know in the comments below! Are you looking for a more natural option? Be sure to check out Part 1 of Which Diaper Should You Buy: The Natural and subscribe to see more amazing content!

Until Later My Friends,

Sina K.



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