functional cleaning routine

Functional Cleaning Routine

Today I’ll be sharing my functional cleaning routine. I don’t know about you, but having a cleaning routine as a mom is a life-saver. I never get everything that I want to do in a day accomplished. Thankfully, a cleaning routine ensures that my being cleaned is not something that gets pushed back too many times.

Let’s face it, you could let dishes slide maybe one (or two? Anyone tried this?) days but you can’t let them slide forever. I feel as if a lot of things in the house are this way.

Ensure you have a clean home, cut down on the dread, and avoid the build-up by making your own version of a cleaning routine, or if you already have a cleaning routine let me know in the comment below!


cleaning routine bed

Make the Bed

Okay, the first thing I am still working on trying to do every morning is making my bed. I definitely try, and it gets done most of the weekdays, but this is still a work in progress.  The reason for making the bed every morning is to accomplish a small task right away. This will help put you in the right mindset for the rest of the day.

Empty the Dishwasher

After we get dressed, and still before I set on making breakfast, I empty the dishwasher that I loaded and started the night before. Having an empty dishwasher right away in the morning makes meal clean up easy. I can try to skip a whole step of putting dishes in the sink first, and moving them to the dishwasher later. I have found this to be a huge timesaver throughout the day.

cleaning routine laundry

Do Some Laundry

After breakfast, I try to gather all the laundry and start a load. Doing one small load every single day is a lifesaver!

I don’t know about you, but I have no problems gathering the laundry, sorting it, starting it, and moving it to the dryer. That being said I can not stand folding laundry. If I leave all the laundry for a big load at the end of the week-I won’t fold it for another two.

However, if I do a small load every day- I don’t mind putting it away as much.

Vaccum the House

Another chore that is accomplished every single day is vacuuming. I think that vacuuming the floors every day is not just a good idea when you have a little one crawling around, but it also makes my house feel and appear so much cleaner. (Think no stray dust bunnies and no unwanted crumbs on your feet!)

Full Disclosure: This is accomplished every day, but not necessarily by me. I have my little Roomba* friend help me out. I’m telling you guys, this is a freaking GAME CHANGER. My husband and I are in love with this robot, it does its job and does it well! We have the Roomba 980*, but I have friends who have other versions that they love just as much as I love mine. I do have to say- the mobile function on the 980 is worth the price- I can start it from anywhere and at any time! It also makes it super easy to change the scheduled vacuuming times!

cleaning routine kitchen

Tidy the Kitchen

The only other chore I definitely do on a regular basis is tidying the kitchen at night. I wipe down all the counters, make sure everything is put away, start the dishes, and ensure that I have a clean sink. I find this makes me feel like I get a fresh start the next morning, and it’s also a nice hygienic habit to form.


cleaning routine bathroom

Clean the Bathrooms

I have made it a habit to clean the bathrooms at least once a week. Not only do I clean them once a week, but also whenever I see it needs a clean. I like to keep up on the bathrooms because, let’s face it, no one wants to scrub a nasty toilet. By cleaning the bathrooms once a week or more, I never have to face that stinky situation.

cleaning routine floors

Mop the Floors

I like to mop the floors once a week, just to make sure they’re getting really nice and clean for my son. He likes to scoot all over nowadays!

I use a Shark Steam mop* (which I LOVE) because it sanitizes the floors, and it is SO easy to use. All you need is water!

(I do use essential oils on the mop head just to get the pleasant aroma throughout my house-but this is completely unnecessary. It’s just pleasant and refreshing for me.)

cleaning routine daily

Clean the Kitchen

I know, I said I like to tidy the kitchen every night, and I do. However, I also like to do a slightly deeper clean every week. What I mean by this is: looking through the fridge and purging things from there, giving the coffee maker a good wipe down, wiping down the stove, cleaning out the microwave, giving the stainless steel appliances a nice polish.

I don’t typically do a spring clean in the kitchen because I try to keep my kitchen clean enough where I don’t need to do that. I think it’s better if you just always keep your kitchen on the tidy side.

Dusting and Mirrors

Once a week I like to just take a microfiber rag and wipe down all the mirrors and then use the rag to quickly dust a few pieces of furniture. This just helps me stay on top of these random, often neglected chores. Plus, no one likes to look in a dirty mirror!


cleaning routine sheets

Bed Sheets

I know that it’s recommended that you change your sheets much more often than once a month. (Like moms have time for that?! Am I right?)

It is something that I do often do more than once a month, but not always. My bottom line is changing the sheets at least once a month, however.

Dishwasher and Washer

This might seem odd, but I like to run a cleaner through my dishwasher and through my laundry washer about once a month as well. I also like to empty the strainer in my dishwasher once a month. This helps to keep the machines in good working order, and I’m hoping it’ll help prolong the life of the machines.

cleaning routine sofa

Scrub the Sofa

I also like to vacuum off the crumbs from the sofa and then scrub them down. This keeps them looking good as new, and keeps the stains from becoming permanent. If you’re interested in how I clean my sofa in more detail, I could do another blog post. Let me know in the comments below!

functional cleaning routine

Functional Cleaning Routine

That about sums up my cleaning routine, obviously there are other things that need to be cleaned in the house, and this is not a comprehensive end-all list, but it is something I try to follow to keep my sanity in check and my house clean.

This is a routine, and not a set schedule. Sometimes I can do everything exactly how I planned, and sometimes I can’t. Sometimes I clean the same thing over and over every day! (#momlife) Remember not every routine will work for everyone, so adjust your routine so it works for you!

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Until Later My Friends,

Sina K.

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