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Fall Infant Craft: Paint a Pumpkin

As I mentioned before, I love the holidays. I love decorating for and partaking in all the holiday everything. Not wanting my little one to miss out, I went on on a mission to find a fun fall infant craft for my little one. Being that he’s only seven months old, it was harder than I thought to find something he could enjoy too.

Finally, I stumbled across the perfect idea, thanks to a fellow mom friend of mine that posted on Facebook. Painting a pumpkin!

fall infant craft: pumpkin painting

Finished painted pumpkin-not bad for a seven-month-old!

Fall Infant Craft: Pumpkin  Painting

Not only is this a great sensory, and learning experience for him. It’s a fun photo op and a cute fall decoration after. To make clean up easy I put him in a white t-shirt that I didn’t mind throwing away after.

I thoroughly enjoyed this little craft with my son, even though he didn’t appreciate me stopping him from eating the paint.

(This could be easily be remedied by buying the non-toxic finger paint seen here*- however, I wasn’t smart enough to think of that beforehand. I also would’ve painted this on a plastic pumpkin to preserve the memory forever, would I be able to do it again. )

Let me know in the comments below if you have any fun fall craft ideas for your littles, especially infants!

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