Slay Your Goals Planner

Slay Your Goals Planner Review and Why You Need One!

Slay Your Goals Planner Review


The Slay Your Goals Planner* is a printable planner. This means that you can print out however many of any sheet that you need. It also means that you can print as many of these planners as you wish.

Also because it’s date free, you don’t need to pressure yourself to use it or have to feel like you need to accomplish your goals in a certain time frame. For the one-time cost of only, $27* you can slay your goals year after year and custom make it to you. Win-win!

It comes in a downloadable format, which you are allowed to download several times. (Just in case something happens to your computer, OR you don’t know where the heck you placed that file!) I find this extremely helpful for long-term use.


slay your goals planner

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The pages are well laid-out and well thought through. It comes with several graphics pages, to switch up how you plan or see your goals. (Think flow charts, pie charts, mind maps, etc.) I think this really helps you get creative and helps you to start thinking outside the box to find the best way to slay your goals.

Your goals are broken into short-term, long-term. For example, your yearly goals (long-term), your weekly goals (mid-term), and your daily goals (short-term). Giving you a map to follow to accomplish your goals.

I also like that this planner came review pages to keep you focused and to do a self-checkup to make sure you are where you want to be and that your plans are working.

Not only that, but I thought that the how to review your month guide featured in the back of the planner was a wonderful feature to make sure your goals and plans and to-dos are working for you!

With over 60-pages included, this planner has ways for everyone to achieve their goals and cross off their to-dos.

The only thing I wish this planner had, that it doesn’t include is the option to customize the color scheme. I think this would have been a nice feature, and it would help in differentiating the multiple planners over the years.

This planner is wonderful for its value. Obviously, the actual end product of the printable planner is up to you-how thick the paper is, the quality of the colors, or black and white. However, the content of this planner will, I believe, prove to be invaluable in helping you slay your goals.

Slay Your Goals Planner

Images provided by It’s All You Boo. Used with Permission

Why do I need a Slay Your Goals Planner?

Do you have a business? Do you have dreams or well-meaning intentions that you never get around to? We all have dreams and goals we wish to accomplish, but why is it that we never get around to achieving all that we want to do?

I think the main reason is probably that we don’t know how to achieve our goals. We never think to plan them or write out to-dos to help us achieve what we want to do.

I think having a goal-oriented planner or worksheets help you to put an action plan to accomplish your goals. It set and defines exactly what it is you’re looking to do, and gives you a clear path to conquering it.

The Slay Your Goals Planner* is the perfect planner for helping you map out your way! It costs just a fraction of what other goal planners/ worksheets cost, and because it’s printable-you’re able to custom make it and tailor it to your specific needs.

Not only that, because it’s date-free, you can use this goal after goal and year after year!Whether you’re a mom-entrepreneur, a blogger, anyone could benefit from this planner! Let the Slay Your Goals Planner help you become a master at slaying your goals!


Interested in buying this planner? Click here*.  Do you want to learn more? Find out more here*.


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  • Magaly
    2 months ago

    This looks so cool! I am definitely if the belief that if you write it down and can see it you are more likely to achieve it! Thanks for the recc

    • Sina K.
      2 months ago

      Me too! I think you hold yourself more accountable for your actions when you write them down! You’re so welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Nadalie
    4 weeks ago

    Hey, Sina! Thanks so much for sharing about the Slay Your Goals Planner! I so appreciate you sharing your experience with it.

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