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Guest Post: Thanksgiving Traditions

Hi Friends, 

This is a guest post from mommy lifestyle blogger Kim over at Happy Mommy Tired Mommy. Today she’ll be sharing some of her favorite Thanksgiving traditions.

But first, a little about her, she a SAHM documenting life as a mom of one boy. Her blogs have some wonderful articles that share some of her amazing tips from: Surviving Those Long NICU Nights to Eliminate Stress While Moving. Definitely go check her out! 

Alright, enough rambling, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, don’t forget to share your favorite traditions in the comments!

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Thanksgiving Traditions

When you think about Thanksgiving what comes to mind? Whether it be food, family, friends, or football-all these traditions embody Thanksgiving. I’d love to share with you a few Thanksgiving traditions today.

Maybe your family already participates in these traditions, or you maybe you just might find something new you want to try!

Visiting Family

Do you visit family or friends? Spending the holidays with people you love is possibly the most important part of the holidays.

How do you visit with the people you love? Do you split the day up and go see different family members, or does everyone come together in one household?

I know for our family, we usually visit and spend the day in one of the “mom’s houses”.  I remember being packed into my grandma’s house when I was young. It was tight, but we always enjoyed the company. 

Preparing Meals 

Some families ask for everyone to bring a dish to lunch or dinner.  Some people meet up Thanksgiving day to help with individual dishes.

Depending on what I want to make for Thanksgiving, I usually do one of my dishes at home and then when I arrive my destination, I do my second dish.

How do you like to prepare the holiday meals?

Baking Desserts

Speaking of holiday food… when I think of Thanksgiving food, what comes to mind is pumpkin pie. One of my traditions is to always have pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.

Bake it yourself from a family recipe, find a recipe you like, or buy it from a store, but nothing beats a piece of pumpkin pie.

(Unless of course you do not like pumpkin!  Then there are many more desserts to choose from, such as pecan pie. Or make a new tradition by choosing something unique- I once made an Oreo pie, and it was delicious!  There was none left by the end of the day!)

Side Dishes

One of the things I enjoy about Thanksgiving are the multiple side dishes. I feel like every family has their own traditional side dishes they like to eat.

If you’re just starting out making your own traditional side dishes, there are so many yummy ones to choose from! Yams are a popular favorite, especially made with brown sugar and marshmallow topping. Then there is also macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole, potato salad or mashed potatoes… the possibilities are endless!

What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes?

Fun Crafts

A wonderful tradition if you have children joining you, or your own kids are with you is to create a fun holiday-themed craft.

 A good example of this is to involve them in creating the placemats for around the table. It’s something fun the kids can do together. It also keeps them busy and out of the kitchen while everyone is preparing food- and who doesn’t love that?

Share Blessings

In our house, after The Macy’s Day Parade and football game, it’s time to gather around and let everyone know what you are thankful for.

There are a few ways we go about this-  either turning it into a game and drawing a paper out of a hat, or trying to guess who said what and see who has the most correct guesses. You can also roll a letter dice and whatever letter comes up, choose what you are thankful for according to that letter.  For example, the letter F- I am thankful for Family (to make it interesting there can be no duplicates of an answer!)

Do you share what you are thankful for in your family? What are some of the ways you do it? We love this tradition because being thankful for what you have, and who you’re with is most important.

Thank You for reading. My name is Kim. I am a stay at home mom with a wonderful little boy.  If you enjoyed reading my guest post, check out my blog at

Hope to see you soon and Happy Thanksgiving!

Living by the Margin

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