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Emily Ley Planner Review

Emily Ley Planner Review

If you’ve been following my blog for a bit- you know that I love to live intentionally, simply, and functionally. A good planner helps me to accomplish this goal. That’s why I can’t wait to bring you this Emily Ley Planner Review- for the Daily 2018 Calendar Year Edition! Not only is it my favorite planner that I’ve been using for three years strong now. It’s also helped me achieve a lifestyle with more margins, and that’s why I can’t wait to share it with you all today!


Emily Ley Keepsake Box

Keepsake Box

Every Emily Ley Planner comes to you beautifully packaged in a timeless navy blue keepsake box. Keep it to store your planner in after the years is over, or store other mementos from throughout the year in it. Either way, they make a beautiful, and classic addition to any office decor.


The Daily Planners are 7 x 9 inches (1.25 inches thick). Personally, I think that’s just the right size to stash in a purse, but still being big enough to fit my whole life notes inside!


4 Different Cover Options:
2018 Daily, Simplified Planner, Gold Pineapple

Gold Pineapple


Emily Ley Daily Planner

Happy Stripe

Emily Ley Planner Review

Gold Dot

2018 Daily, Simplified Planner, Fancy Floral

Fancy Floral




Emily Ley Daily Planner Review

Cover Pocket


Each planner, both weekly and daily, comes with a pocket. It’s perfect for storing important receipts, tickets, thing notebook, or even your favorite sticker sheets.


Gold Colored Plated Corner Covers and Gold Coils

The corner covers and gold coils are sturdy, bright, and match whatever cover you’ve picked.

The Laminated Tabs

The laminated tabs hold their own throughout the entire year. No worries of the splitting, or ripping.


Grace Not Perfection

Back cover- ” A Standard of Grace Not Perfection”

I think the back cover ads a nice touch to each planner with its message of “A Standard of Grace and Not Perfection”.

Introduction Pages

Colorful Doodles, Sticker SetWhen you open the 2018 planner, the very first thing you see is the included Sticker Page. This is a brand new super fun-edition to the Emily Ley planners. If you end up loving them, you can always purchase these and other great stickers on her website too!

Title/Name page- somewhat self-explanatory. Lists the Title of the Planner, and a large space for personal information such as name, and or phone number.

Letter from the author- this is such a sweet treat. The letter written by the one and only Emily Ley feels as if it was written by a dear friend. Someone who has been there. Someone who cares about how overwhelmed your life may seem-and a friendly voice offering to help.

Simplifying Tips- is a little cheat sheet on how to simplify your life. It lists four processes to jumpstart simplifying your life.

How to Use the Planner- are a few suggestions on how to prioritize, and things to include in your planner. It also offers great suggestions on how to keep your planner looking brand new the entire year long.

Year at a Glance- Shows the year in a one-page spread. This page is great for at a glance planning.

Holidays- lists all the important holidays all on one page. These holidays are also included on their respective daily or weekly pages in the daily or weekly planner.

Bucket List- is an area where you can write your goals for the year, or write fun ideas to do throughout the year. I personally use this to write down when to schedule important appointments, when bank certificates are expiring, really anything that I know will happen a year in advance.

Monthly Pages

emily ley planner

Monthly Notes

On the left side of every month, there is a section to write your monthly goals or to-dos.


Each day with a holiday has the holiday printed in the space in the monthly view.

Month Before and After View

In the top right page of your monthly view, you can see the month directly before and after the current one. This provides easy at a glance planning.

Simplicity Tip

In the right middle of your planner Emily Ley author of A Simplified Life, has been kind enough to include a monthly simplicity tip to help you stay focused, and simplify your life. This is new to the planner for this year. It’s one of my favorite changes by far.

Weekday-Daily Pages

daily emily ley simplified planner

Understated Touch of Colors

Each day has understated touches of colors, most noticeably on the daily page flag in the top left-hand corner.

Weekday, Date, and Holiday (if applicable)

Each day is labeled with what day of the week it is, the date it is, and any holidays if applicable.

My Day Section

Located on the top left of the page, My Day is an hourly scheduling section running from the times of 6 am to 9 pm. There is one line per hour, but the spacing seems generous to me.

To Do Section

The To Do section is located on the top right of the page and includes 16 checkboxes and lines to write all your days to do. I rarely fill this section up, however, on the days with the occasional overflow I just continue into the notes section.

Meals Section

You can find the Meals section on the bottom left page of the daily view. It has just been renamed this year from dinners to meals. I find this very fitting since the space allotted is very generous, and I know that most of us eat more than just dinner.

Notes Section

Located on the bottom right of the daily page, the notes section is the perfect place to track miscellaneous life things. I personally use this for when I’m expecting packages, or for my blog.

Weekend- Daily Pages

The weekend pages are slightly different than the weekday pages of a daily planner


My day Section- this is similar to the weekday my day section, however, there are no times listed.

To Do Section- there are nine lines and checkboxes for all your weekend to-dos.


My Day Section-same as the Saturday to-do section

To Do Section-

The first four lines of the Saturday to do section include a Weekly Prep with four suggested to dos:

Plan meals for the week ahead

Tiy up for a clean slate on Monda

Write tasks/appointments for the week

Fill your “tank”. Enjoy what matters.

It also has five additional lines and checkboxes for all your weekend to-dos.

simplify life planner

Pros and Cons


  • Calendar or Academic Year Option
  • Daily or Weekly Option (Weekly has a different layout than seen above.)
  • Simple
  • Freebies! Includes a fun sticker sheet on the front page, that can easily be taken out.
  • One stop for everything-includes timed schedule, to do list, meal planning, and any misc notes you might need to make.
  • Quality Mohawk Paper
  • Reinforced Gold Colored Corner Covers


  • Expensive
  • Not very Customizable
  • No Standalone Note Pages
  • Only 4 (Albeit, super cute) Cover Options

Academic Agenda, Daily or Weekly by Emily Ley

The images and links on this page are affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission through purchases. (This does not cost you any extra.) I would buy and have bought, the Emily Ley products without the affiliate commission. I truly love these products and their message of simplifying.

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Until Later My Friends,

Sina K.

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Most Photos provided very kindly by Emily Ley. Used with Permission.



  • Destinee Nicole
    3 months ago

    I love planners that come with stickers! Idk, maybe its the child in me, but I won’t buy one without them. These planners are super cute, but I agree with you in that they are a bit expensive. Loved your review!

    • Sina K.
      3 months ago

      I agree! I used to love having TONS of stickers in my planner, but now I lean more towards only having the occasional functional sticker or washi tape. Just enough color or pop to brighten my day.

  • Justine @ Little Dove
    3 months ago

    Such a pretty planner! I love being able to actually write things down and then cross them off, so I’m a planner girl all the way!

    • Sina K.
      3 months ago

      I agree! I tried the app/electronic versions, but I definitely need physical, tangible paper. It registers in my brain best.

  • magen
    3 months ago

    These are so cute. I have been looking for a new planner.

    • Sina K.
      3 months ago

      I highly recommend them!

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