Make It The Most Memorable Year Yet: 9 New Holiday Traditions

9 New Holiday Traditions to Make it the Most Memorable Year Yet

Need to Ignite Your Yule Logs? Has Your Ho, Ho, Ho Become Humdrum? Want to Put More Jingle Back into Your Bells? The answer to your mundane holidays is to start new, engaging, interesting, and meaningful traditions. Have no idea where to start? Fret not! Here is the ultimate guide to adding some heat to your hot cocoa! (are you all done with the puns? Yes? ok, no more then. Actually, there will be more I’m sorry. Not sorry.) We will highlight tricked out holiday traditions for the kiddos, for your boo bear, and for your nearest and dearest. So keep up, ok? Here we go!

Traditions for the Young Ones

For the youngest in your clan, the holidays are a magical time to be remembered well into their golden years. My brother and I would always shake the gifts under the tree leading up to the big day. We were trying to see if we could hear the distinct rattle of our dream toys. The catch was that we didn’t know which toys belonged to whom. I was convinced that my yak bak could be heard through the box and it turns out it was my brother’s harmonica. A fun tradition is to keep your kids guessing by wrapping all of each child’s gifts in a particular wrapping paper. Only you know which paper corresponds to whom. Then put a small piece of that paper in their stocking for them to dig into on Christmas Eve. They can open one gift of their choosing that night while being super cute in their Rudolf and Olaf PJ’s. Talk about a Kodak moment. They can have a sneak peak of holiday fun and you get to take some pictures without all the chaos Christmas morning brings.

Build up to the big day with a Christmas bucket list of things they want to experience this season. You could start 25 days out or 5 days out from Christmas. The important part is for you all to make your list together and have the kids come up with something they’d love to do. They could make a snowman, have a snowball fight, go to a holiday-themed event at the zoo or children’s museum, or gather around a fire somewhere with good cocoa and good company. Plan something for every day leading up to Christmas for a fun-filled holiday treat.

Nothing says cold weather comfort like a piping hot cup of the good stuff. Make this year unique by having a hot cocoa bar at home. You can set it up at any point during the season and enjoy it for as long as the cocoa lasts. Picture it: a nice little table stocked with cups, flavoring agents, and cocoas that peak curiosity and spark cocoa creativity. If you have a family full of foodies like I do, a cocoa bar will be a big hit. Bring it out every year for a sweet treat to spark a sweet memory. These cocoas from land o’ lakes come in a pack begging to be the star of your cocoa bar.

Traditions for the Lovers

As parents, we can forget our love brought our family into being and that love needs to be cherished. Don’t let your lover fall by the wayside this Christmas!

Is there anything more romantic than a love letter? All this magic being slung around willy nilly makes people have all the feels during the holidays. Sit down and pen those tingly feelings for your boo out in ink where they can hold on to them forever. Make it a tradition that they write about something that happened in the past year that made you love them even more. Exchange those letters on Christmas Eve while your little ones are opening their sneak peek gift.

Regular date nights can be as hard to come by as two matching socks when you are a parent. Think about setting up a special holiday date night while the kids are off at Nana’s. It can be a fancy dinner, hanging out together with whatever relaxes you, watching your favorite holiday movie, or something as physical as ice skating. It’s something about potentially breaking a limb that makes ice skating particularly romantic. Whatever you decide to do, do it together and do it with all the love and magic you can muster. Afterwards, you will want to have your holiday “we” time every year.

Having a beautiful reminder of something from the previous year adorning your tree is special. If that ornament is made by your significant other, it is doubly special. And if that ornament is made by your significant other and made in secret and given as a surprise, it makes it Elf level special. Once you are old and gray you can look back at your significant memories in a box to put on display yearly. It will end up being a tree filled with memories and love.

Traditions for the Family

Family overload is real Y’all. As much as we love our people, sometimes during the holidays, we need a break from the close quarters and drama that comes from a tad too much togetherness. One way to combat the family overload is to do things together that you enjoy but can serve as distractions. Games are a great way to keep the holidays light. Having a family game night after dinner on Christmas day can be a fun tradition to start. When you are shaking your money maker in this version of minute to win it there is no way the drama can get you down! Try out some interactive games that are above and beyond hangman everyone can get excited about. Laughter is to the soul as game night is to the family, trust me.

Waking up to the hunger causing the smell of a special Christmas morning breakfast can make anyone’s holiday brighter. Challenge your family to try some recipes you haven’t tried yet. Budget Bytes has great breakfast recipes that are not the norm. All Recipes has some awesome ones too. Get those rumbly tummies ready for the day with the tradition of gathering over the most important meal of the day.

Nothing says holidays quite like giving to those in need. Instead of presents this year, try pooling all the money that would have been spent and give it to a charity you all care about. Call and ask about times to volunteer at a soup kitchen. Or you can have everyone that comes to your house for dinner bring a can of food then you take the lot over to the food bank the next day. Goodwill towards others will even soften Aunt Eunice’s icy heart.

Make Them Your Own

Take these ideas and make them a starting point to create your own unique, engaging traditions this year. They will love you for making memories for them and you will love that everyone is decking your halls again. Ok, that was the last pun I swear.

Tell me about your traditions! Which ones do your loved ones enjoy? And just for fun, which ones do they hate? Let me know in the comments!


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