Fearless Female Friday: What to Expect

Hi Friends!

I was recently brainstorming what I want to focus on in this new year, and I recently became inspired to share the stories of Fearless Females from around the country (and around the world!) These are the women who every single day are brave enough to chase their dreams and accomplish their goals. They aren’t superheroes (although they sure seem that way to me!), they’re just the moms next door. Your friends, your moms, your sisters, your coworkers…

These are the true pioneers of our time, and their stories need to be shared. They need to be shared because they deserve to be recognized for their efforts. They need to be shared because these stories encourage other women to be fearless, and they need to be shared because they are paving the way for the fearless females to come.

Therefore, it is my goal to introduce to you one new Fearless Female Friday once a month (or more!) in my new series: Fearless Female Friday. Beginning in the new year you will meet so many inspiring women. I hope you will feel empowered to live by the margin and chase your own dreams!

Until Later My Friends,

Stay Fearless!

Sina K.



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