The Bachelor, Season 22

TV Tuesday: The Bachelor, Season 22- Countdown Special

*Spoiler Alert*

The Bachelor, Season 22 -Episode Overview

Initial Thoughts:

Okay, I gotta admit, whenever a new season of anything of the Bachelor franchise comes on-I kinda clap my hands in joy. The Bachelor (and it’s spin-offs including Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, and Bachelor in Paradise) are my guilty-pleasure shows. The momma’s gonna take a break from the crazy with a big glass of wine kind of shows. Ya know what I mean?  A girl has gotta have some pleasures in life. The bachelor is one of those. At least, until this season.

After my initial usual “YAY”, I eagerly awaited to see who the next Bachelor would be. Would it be Deanie-Baby from Rachel’s season? Or maybe they would bring back the staggeringly romantic and handsome Luke from JoJo’s season. (It was a long shot, I know but I have to hold on to hope.) Or maybe for publicity reason and since his name has been cleared DeMario from Rachel’s season. They usually trend to picking the next Bachelor or Bachelorette from one of the latest one or two seasons.

Lo, and behold. Who doth appear….. (drumroll, please!) but ARIE!!!!!?????? Wait, WHAT?! Who on this good green earth is he?! Oh a runner-up, you say…? FROM SEASON 8 (of Bachelorette)?! Reallllllllyyyyy? Personally, I think the Bachelor franchise pulled this one from … the depths of their closets. Seriously.

Episode Review

After my initial shock and outrage (and my second glass of wine) I proceeded to watch the Countdown to Arie Special.  It was flat. There’s our old, 36, so not the oldest-but still old, Bachelor. Who proclaimed he met the love of his life and was going to marry her and then got dumped and ended up taking his racing career and doing a somewhat pivot into real estate. He lives in Arizona He now thinks he’s ready to dump some hearts on television (like he was once dumped) and find his true everlasting match. (You know, all the usual stuff, except especially boring-and can we talk about how dreamy-less this Bachelor is? Give us something to watch, Bachelor Franchise!)

Anyway, we meet the bachelor, hear the sob story of his previous season and his want for redemption, see all his kissing styles, hear words of advice from the very few success stories, and watch the Bachelor franchise’s worst kisses ever. Finally, we move on to meet some of his contestants.

Typically, I keep a running list in my head of who will make it to the final four, who makes it to the final two, and who will receive the magical final rose. This year, I will definitely be participating in the Official Fantasy League.

I have created a group for those of you who would like to join me in predicting who the next happy couple will be. If you want to join please click here, then search for the group I look forward to guessing with you throughout the season!

This year, as we met some of the contestants on the Countdown, Caroline is my go-to for the final rose. She’s a realtor from MA. She seems approachable and since Arie is dabbling in real estate too they seem like a likely match. This may change when we finally meet all the eligible bachelorettes on the Season Premiere.


As of now, Caroline may be my first choice, but there are plenty of other interesting contestants. If you look at the line up you also see not just one or two, but FOUR Lauren’s this season. Maybe Arie needed some help remembering names? There are also six dog moms, a few “jet-setters”, some home chefs, and six pizza lovers… which I love pizza too, but as a serious trait for marriage? I had higher priorities.

Overall, if you can’t already tell, I’m a huge skeptic and (horror) almost considered skipping this season. But like the true die-hard fan that I am, I’ll be tuning in Season Premiere night and participating in the Fantasy League.

My guesses for this weeks fantasy league plays?

  • TRUE OR FALSE: Arie gets down on one knee during a bachelorette’s limo arrival.
  • Arie does NOT receive which of the following as a gift during the limo arrivals?
‘Nice Butt’ bumper sticker
Gratitude rock
Racing flag
  • TRUE OR FALSE: A bachelorette leaves the show before the Rose Ceremony.
  • What advice does Arie receive from “baby Samuel” (son of former Bachelor Sean Lowe and wife Catherine)?
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover
Don’t kiss and tell
Be a gentleman
Don’t do all the talking
  • TRUE OR FALSE: A bachelorette takes a dip in a hot tub with Arie during this episode.
  • Who wows Arie and receives the First Impression Rose?
The Bachelor, Season 22
Let me know if you tune into the bachelor, who your favorite bachelor of all time was, if you’re participating in the fantasy league, and who you think will make the top four (final rose)!
Until Later My Friends,
Sina K.




  • Carissa Link
    2 months ago

    I had that reaction to with it being Arie! I feel like every now and then they’re known for throwing in a “snore” contestant as the bach. I’ll never forget when they let one guy be bachelor TWICE (Jake, I think it was??) After drama really spiced up the show’s popularity with Vienna that season, the rest has just revolved around drama and clips twisted into making the women/men out to be absolutely crazy from there on out. But it’s exactly why I watch the show now, unfortunately! Haha, am I the only one who rallies up who is going to be the under wraps crazy one, the bitch, the crier, the button-pusher, the one Arie is paid to keep on the show purely for ratings – okay, okay – and one who is right for the picking? My husband and I all give them nick-names as we go. We already have “Pits” (the girl who made Arie sniff her armpit) HAHA

    • Sina K.
      2 months ago

      I wasn’t watching religiously yet when they cast Jake twice! I do think they twist people way out of proportion, plus everything is so magnified in the Bachelor mansion! Sadly “Pits” has now left us, but I’m excited to see what Krystal and Chelsea are gonna be up to! I feel like they are gonna bring out some d-r-a-m-a this season!

  • Dawn @ Our Food Fix
    2 months ago

    I really need to get into the Bachelor, it sounds like such fun!

    • Sina K.
      2 months ago

      At first, I wasn’t really into it. But then I tried to find a TV show that I could watch without really having to think about plot lines and stuff and boom! I got hooked!

  • Ashley Solberg
    2 months ago

    I haven’t been an avid fan for every season, but this one looks good!

    • Sina K.
      2 months ago

      I wasn’t (and still am) not too invested into this season… I think the girls are as dramatic as ever, but I think they could have chosen a better Bachelor!

  • Melissa
    2 months ago

    I used to enjoy watching the bachelor- oh the drama. Things have been so busy, I haven’t had a chance to catch it this season!

  • Steph
    2 months ago

    I missed this but need to catch up ASAP. I love watching!

    • Sina K.
      2 months ago

      Hopefully, I didn’t spoil it for you!

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