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TV Tuesday: The Bachelor, Season 22- Episode 1

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The Bachelor, Season 22 -Episode 1 Overview

Bachelor Arie

Episode Review

Introduction to Arie

The episode starts off as most season premieres do, with a little flashback on the contestant’s broken heart from their previous time on the Bachelor.  Words often uttered, and this season was no exception, included ” last time I got my heart broken”, “undeniable chemistry”, and “amazing connection”. We watch as our Bachelor for this season, Arie is rejected five years ago by Emily (and it seems, he leaves rather abruptly.

The “handsome, financially successful,… and arguably the best kisser (ever on the show)” goes on to have a little chat with previous Bachelor Sean Lowe, his wife Catherine, and their son Samuel. Sean goes on to offer the traditional bit of “advice” via his son Samuel, and Sean and Catherine both tease Arie about being ready for children. To which he responds that that is a whole ‘nother step.

Side Tangent: Seeing his reaction to their question, I take this to mean he isn’t seriously interested in a single mom, and the Bachelor franchise just threw them in for the sake of diversity. Even though this may be conflicting opinion as he did once compete for Emily’s heart. (Who is also a single mother.)

From there we watch Chris attempting to make the final last sale on Arie as the Bachelor before the season really begins.

Bachelor Arie Season Recap

Introduction to Some of the Women


Chelsea is the first woman we have the pleasure of meeting on this season of the bachelor. She’s a  blonde-hair, twenty-nine-year-old single mom and real estate executive assistant hailing from Portland, Maine.

She describes being a single mom as a “love-hate sometimes. But, ” she adds, “you love it”. Wait, what?

Her friends give her some advice for being on the bachelor which include “Be yourself because you’re already awesome”

She’s mentioned looking for a male figure for her son and was hopeful because Arie had already fought for a single mom once before (as seen on Emily’s season.)


Caroline is a twenty-six-year-old brunette realtor from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

She’s only been in real estate a single year, but boasts selling over $5 million dollars worth of real estate and “being really good at her job”. Props to the woman for being confident, but what was she doing before real estate is what I’m dying to know.

She claims a family is very important to her, as is finding a husband “is on the top of her priority list”.   She hopes that since she and Arie hold the same profession, and they both have a common familiarity with cars, that they will be a likely match.


Professional twenty-two-year-old-old (turned twenty-three) photographer is the next lady we are introduced to. This blonde is from Orem, Utah.

We meet her in a very staged wedding photo shoot. She says she’s jealous of seeing all the happily married couples, and “really wants to be married”.

She also want’s someone to share a life with. She thinks Arie is “very genuine, very sweet and fun”. This one is “ready for love”.

Side Tangent: just from the sheer 14-year age gap, I highly doubt this woman will make it past the night.


We meet the next candidate vying for Arie’s heart, Nysha, as she tandem jumps from an airplane for her thirtieth birthday.  This brunette Orthopedic nurse from Anderson, South Carolina is excited to meet Arie because “he seems like he’s somebody who knows what he wants in life”.

Side Tangent: Her intro was short and sweet. She seems like an established, confident, adventurous woman who may make a good match for Arie.


Tia a twenty-six-year-old brunette is from Weiner, Arkansas and seems type-cast for Raven (from Season 21 of the Bachelor and Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise).

We see her shooting guns, and out on the farm, and talking to Raven who makes an appearance. Raven encouraged Tia to apply and they had a small pep talk at Raven’s boutique, Shop Grey Suede.

Side Tangent:  Tia seems to be typecast for Raven (Season 21 of the Bachelor, Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise). These fellow small-town Arkansas girls even know each other- as we see Raven make an appearance on the show. But Raven also gave Tia a shoutout on her Insta.

Raven said (@ravennicolegates), and I quote:

“I finally get to announce that I’m handing over my 🌹Bachelor🌹 baton to my BFF @tiarachel91 || my only advice: Just always remember you’re not as bad as what your worst critic says you are and you’re not as great as what your biggest fan says you are. Find the balance, enjoy the ride. ❤️💍🌹 I’m always in your corner! 🌹💍❤️ ” 

I think we can safely say that Tia having Raven in her corner gives her a slight “hometown advantage” over the other contestants.


The 26-year-old Taxidermy lover from Los Angeles, California is definitely one of the more unique contestants on this season. She’s a blonde haired creative director, who “hasn’t done much research” on Arie.

Arie Season of Bachelor

First Impressions of the Women

Caroline was the very first woman off the limo in a long white dress, and while their introduction wasn’t noticeable, Arie’s reaction was. He seemed to enjoy Caroline, and even said: “well, this is starting off well.”

Chelsea, the single mom, offered a more sultry entry stepping out in a long black gown and mentioning that “there’s a lot to get to know” in her introduction. Arie seemed to be confused and just offered a “she’s interesting”.  We hear her say lots of things throughout the episode, but her first impression is that he was “really really handsome” and welcoming. She also mentions that the “hair is down and the boobs are out” because “everyone is falling for him.” She goes on to be the first to steal Arie away for a chat, and the ultimate winner of the first-impression rose.

The next women to arrive were: Kendall, Seinne, Tia, Bibinana, Bri, Jenny, Brittanie, and Jacqueline.  Did, basically, what Jacqueline told Arie to do ” stand there and look pretty. Mission accomplished.” There was nothing too notable about any of their introductions.

Seinne gives Arie a gift of elephant cufflinks for “good luck”.

Tia arrives in a green gown and also offers Arie a gift. She gives Arie a “little wiener” to help remember her by, and hoped he “didn’t already have a little wiener”. Which, Arie staunchly denied.  He seemed to like her little gimmick. Even though, it didn’t seem to boost her confidence. She went on to say she felt intimidated by so many beautiful girls. 

Bri, in a sparkly sequinned gown, throws a ball at Arie and opens with the line “nice catch”.

Brittanie slaps a “nice butt” bumper stick unto Arie, and states “nice butt” “it looks good”.

The next women include Krystal, Nysha, Valerie, Bekah, Jenna, Jessica, Marikh, Olivia, Becca, and the four Laurens.

Nysha, Valerie, Marikh, Olivia, Lauren S., Lauren B., and Lauren G., make understated entrances with the regular “I’m so nervous” and “you look beautiful” chit-chat.

Krystal, in a true red gown, announces to Arie how she’s passionate about helping other people see the “best versions of themselves”. She makes him breathe deeply with his eyes closed, and tells him to reflect on everything he is grateful for in leading up to that moment. When he finishes she announces that “they are ready for the adventure to begin.” As she walks away Arie says “I needed that.”

Bekah, who was only 21 at the time of filming, drives up in a “classic” car, which is later disclosed to be a 65-cherry red mustang. In her introduction, she states “I may be young, but I can still appreciate a classic”. Many of the girls didn’t appreciate this grand entrance, and some react with “b***h”. We also see in the season preview, her age comes as a topic of discussion amongst the other women (and brings tears to Bekah’s eyes).

The other Becca, makes Arie go down on one knee with a ring looking box (that we never see what’s inside!). Thankfully there was no real proposal, although there were mentions of “are you ready to do the damn thing” and “this is moving so fast”.  Arie even utters “well, that was a first for me”

Lauren J. gifts Arie with a huge Mardi Gra necklace from Louisianna.

The last women we see step out of the limo are Asley, Brittany, Amber, Caroline, Ali, Annaliese, and Maquel. I think these are my favorite group of women to meet Arie just because of how awfully (or just plain awful) and outrageous their introductions are!

Ashley steps out of the limo holding a racing flag. Arie doesn’t seem to mind all the racecar jokes that were made saying by the women saying, “all the racecar jokes crack me up”.

Brittany, unfortunately, stumbles in her effort to impress Arie by telling him he’s “handsome” in dutch.

Amber and Ali are tied for the worst introductions of the night, in my opinion. Amber lets Arie know that she’s in the spray tan business. According to her “in my line of work I see a lot of (d**k)”. She goes on to say she hopes that Arie isn’t one. Ali makes a racing joke by making Arie smell her armpits. (Yes, you read that right.) After he does, she says that “that was the best pit stop of your life”.

We also see Annalise appear as the “kissing bandit” and Maquel arrived riding in a racecar (driven by someone else). The other contestants seem to feel threatened by Maquel as one of them states “the race is on”.

Arie Bachelor Season Recap

The Fight for the First Impression Rose

After the final women exit the limo, Arie states he can already feel chemistry with some of them, and Chris announces that there will be a first impression rose.

Chelsea, as I mentioned before, “swooped in there” and steals Arie right off the bat. “This is the only time I will ever be your first. Because I hope to finish and be your last”. He describes her as “mysterious”, and said he found himself as wanting to get to know her more. She gets cut short by Maquel during her first chat, so she is left feeling unsatisfied. “This mama means business”. She is very vocal about this, and other things, throughout the night. She finally cuts in to see Arie a second time to seal her portion of the night with a kiss. Her aggressive tactics seemed to work, as Arie bestows the first impression rose to her.

The other women don’t seem to enjoy Chelsea’s aggressive ways, as voiced by Bekah who said mentions that Chelsea “has a rude vibe” and that Chelsea seemed to be going out of her way to “stir the pot”.

The other parts of the night were dedicated to regular small talk. The night was filled with food, and contestants exclaiming how nervous they were, or how ready they were to settle down, or mentioning how pineapple is a Lauren G.’s safe word.

The first kiss of the night ended up being Brittany after a toy car “race”.  She exclaims that Arie lives up to his nickname “the kissing bandit”, and that “his lips are like clouds” “like pillows”. 

Another cringe-worthy moment of the night is when Bekah asks Arie “what are three things that make you excited to be alive”. To which Arie responds ” excitement”, “adrenaline”, and “pizza”.  Bekah comes back with “excitement makes you excited to be alive?”. Capturing exactly how I feel about that conversation.

Bachelor Season 22 Episode 1

Rose Ceremony

We see 8 women go home, including one Lauren (Lauren J.), which means the Laurens still have a 14% chance of winning! Only 21 contestants remain!

Upcoming Season Preview

We see the Bachelor and his contestants head to what looks like South America, Paris, and Tuscany.

We also see a lot of tears as at least three women are crying.

Not only that, but someone’s old lover/boyfriend/man comes to reclaim them and marry them!

And we see a wonderful bromance with Sean and Arie as they embrace in the final few seconds of the credits.

This year, as we met some of the contestants on the Countdown, Caroline is my go-to for the final rose. She’s a realtor from MA. She seems approachable and since Arie is dabbling in real estate too they seem like a likely match. This may change when we finally meet all the eligible bachelorettes on the Season Premiere.


Normally, I’d say the more we see of a woman the longer she stays (think Chelsea, Caroline etc). I also think, the less we see of a woman, the shorter she stays (think Ali, or Amber).

The odds are definitely still in favor of a Lauren winning the bachelor, although the millennials have their fair shot too with several women being younger than the age of 25!

Bekah especially comes to mind-as from the preview she seems to stay fairly far into the season, which surprises me, considering the 15 year age gap between her and Arie. I truly would be shocked to see her in the final four.

Caroline is still my first choice, based on common professions, and interests. I think she also has a good shot because she was properly introduced and although we don’t see a ton of her during this episode she seems like she’d be a good fit to make it to the final four.

I also favor Jacqueline as a final four candidate but don’t have any solid reasoning as to why. Maybe it’s just a hunch?

Overall, I’m still a huge skeptic of Arie as the bachelors (he’s so unnotable), and we can already tell Chelsea and Krystal are being cast as this year’s “villains”. However, like the true die-hard fan that I am, I’ll be watching every episode and participating in the Fantasy League. (See my results and guesses down below, and be sure to join me the fantasy group!)

Typically, I keep a running list in my head of who will make it to the final four, who makes it to the final two, and who will receive the magical final rose. This year, I will definitely be participating in the Official Fantasy League.

I have created a group for those of you who would like to join me in predicting who the next happy couple will be. If you want to join please click here, then search for the group I look forward to guessing with you throughout the season!

Fantasy League Questions:

My guesses for this weeks fantasy league play?

Last Week:

  • TRUE OR FALSE: Arie gets down on one knee during a bachelorette’s limo arrival.
10 points
  • Arie does NOT receive which of the following as a gift during the limo arrivals?
‘Nice Butt’ bumper sticker
Gratitude rock
Racing flag
  • TRUE OR FALSE: A bachelorette leaves the show before the Rose Ceremony.
  • What advice does Arie receive from “baby Samuel” (son of former Bachelor Sean Lowe and wife Catherine)?
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover
Don’t kiss and tell
Be a gentleman
Don’t do all the talking
  • TRUE OR FALSE: A bachelorette takes a dip in a hot tub with Arie during this episode.
  • Who wows Arie and receives the First Impression Rose?

Total Points: 10 points

This Week:

TRUE or FALSE: Arie introduces one of the bachelorettes to his parents during this episode.

How many women join Arie on the first group date?
 Arie spoils one of the bachelorettes with a pair of heels from which designer?
Manolo Blahnik
Jimmy Choo
Christian Louboutin
What causes one bachelorette to confront another bachelorette at the cocktail party?
Who gets a rose
Interrupting one-on-one time
Duplicate dresses
Spilling a drink
 TRUE OR FALSE: A bachelorette takes a dip in a hot tub with Arie in this episode.
 Which bachelorette is wowed when she receives the first one-on-one date of the season?
Bachelor Season 22 Episode 1
Let me know if you tune into the bachelor, and who your favorite bachelor of all time was. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment if you’re participating in the fantasy league, and let me know who you think will make the top four ( & receive the final rose)!
Until Later My Friends,
Sina K.

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    I haven’t watched this show in years but reading your recap really has me missing the drama. I might have to start tuning in again!

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