Fearless Female Friday: Meg Kerns

Fearless Female Friday: Featuring Meg Kerns

Fearless Female Friday

Get To Know Meg …

Meg: Hello, I’m Meg Kerns! I live in Virginia about 40 minutes from Washington DC- a northern girl with a southern heart.  I am a former elementary school teacher, mother of two toddlers, wife and entrepreneur. I founded MOKup Media, LLC as a digital marketing and social media strategy firm to help small businesses promote themselves online!

What’s a typical day in your life?

Meg: My life is a new adventure each day. As my children are young (3 and 18 months) our day revolves around their wellness. I run my business in between their care and during my golden hours (naptime and the wee hours of the morning). My office is in my home and I am able to work well within the confines of a fluctuating schedule which is more rigid than you might believe.

How are you fearless?

Meg: I am fearless because I left a structured and safe career to be home with my children and build a life for our family. I own a business, my “side hustle” is a wood-burning design business where I create personalized items for gifts and celebrations and I dabble in a mommy-blog as well.

Why did you decide to become fearless?

Meg: I am trying to first help my family to afford a lifestyle that allows for the best and healthiest upbringing (both physically and emotionally) for our children. In my business specifically I strive to help small business stand on even ground, digitally, with their competitors to share their messages with the world, online.

Fearless Female Friday: Meg Kerns

What is, or was, your biggest obstacle on your way to becoming fearless?

Meg: Fear is an obstacle we face every day. The nagging questions of “Am I able? Am I worth it? Do I have what it takes? How do I show my children how to be strong individuals as well as build the civil responsibility and empathy for other beings? The fear of failure is real and along with it, comes the added bonus of fearlessness.

What is your biggest motivating factor for being fearless?

Meg: Apart from my family, of course, the knowledge that if I am not the one to do what needs to be done in my business- it will cease as an endeavor. There is no gumption like that of a woman with her back against a wall.

Where do you find inspiration?

Meg: I find inspiration in the success of others. I strive to celebrate, cheer on and lift up those in and around my community so that they can shine. Put good out, get good in.

What accomplishment are you most proud of in life?

Meg: I was able, in less than a year to replace what my family needed financially by doing it on my own!

What is your life (or year) motto (or word)?

Meg: My motto, the one I close each YouTube video with is “Be Passionate, Be Purposeful and Be Proud”

What is your favorite beauty routine or go-to outfit?

Meg: I LOVE the sweater, jeans, boot combo. It says professional, put together and I’m able to dress it up or down as necessary to reflect how I’m feeling that day.

What is your best self-care tip?

Meg: TAKE TIME. You need time for yourself to regroup, reassess and refocus. Don’t be afraid to tell those in your life that you need a few minutes to completely disconnect with the world and re-center.

Fearless Female Friday: Meg Kerns

Name your top three priorities in life?

Meg: God, Family, Loyalty

How do you Live by the Margin?

Meg: I do a form of bullet journaling that helps me to plan my month of personal content, activities and “must-dos”. I am able to keep it all in one place while utilizing my digital calendar for daily tasks. LISTS are my best friends.

What is your favorite phone app? 

Meg: My favorite phone app is my camera. I love catching the antics and memories so I can preserve them.

Fearless Female Friday: Meg Kerns

What is your favorite social media account?

Meg: A dangerous question to ask a social media marketer… Currently, it is a tie between Twitter and Instagram. I love Twitter’s ability to connect in real time and build relationships with friends and followers. I love Instagram because it’s a fantastic place to showcase content (and brag a little).

I follow a lot of people in the business building space Amy Schmittauer, as well as the team from Aftermarq, are two BIG ones from me. My guilty pleasure follows are Philip DeFranco (and his wife Linz Defranco) and Gary Vaynerchuk (only during kid-free hours).

What is your best advice for females trying to be fearless?

Meg: The life you want isn’t simply waiting for you-you have to dream it, work it and create it but it IS possible. Don’t wait, start with even a baby step today!

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Fearless Female Friday: Meg Kerns

Images provided by Meg Kerns. Used with permission.

Hey Friends,

Thanks for joining us this friday to check out our first featured fearless female!

Until Later My Friends,

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  • Dr. Ronald G. Shapiro
    2 months ago

    Excellent Article!!! Great examples to follow.

    • Sina K.
      2 months ago

      Thank you for stopping by!

  • Heather
    2 months ago

    Congrats on staying at home and growing your businesses plus being the CEO of your family. If you can stop the fear, you can accomplish anything. Happy New Year!

    • Sina K.
      2 months ago

      Thanks for your encouragement to Meg! Stop by every other Friday of this year for more Fearless Female features!

  • Leah
    2 months ago

    Great Post!! Way to go Meg, it takes guts to leave a career, raise kids and branch out on your own. What’s the best advice you can give if someone is feeling self-doubt in their own personal abilities after giving up everything they have known? How does one get over that inner voice? Thanks Meg for the encouragement!

    • Meg
      2 months ago

      Thank you so much Leah! I take my inner voice and doubts and use them as motivation. You have the passion, ability and guts to step out on your own, you have to give yourself a chance to be successful. I also truly believe that when things are just a bit uncomfortable and unsure- THATS where we really grow and learn. So allow yourself to embrace vulnerability and use those fears to propel yourself toward your version of success!

  • Anna
    2 months ago

    Great post!! She definitely sounds like a true girl boss and fearless entrepreneur, mom, and wife! XO ~Anna

    • Sina K.
      2 months ago

      She is so inspirational! We hope you’ll check back every other week to see more inspirational women featured!

  • Erika
    2 months ago

    I can definitely relate to this. I left my corporate job 3.5 years ago to be a WAHM and haven’t looked back since. This winter break has been a lonnnggggg 3 weeks and I can’t wait for the girls to go back to school but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    • Sina K.
      2 months ago

      Wow! Way to slay! Sometimes following our dreams is worth the risk!

  • Susannah
    2 months ago

    That’s so cool that you were able to step out and start a business for yourself!!! <3

    • Sina K.
      2 months ago

      Right?! Meg is so fearless!

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