Bachelor Season 22- Episode (5)

The Bachelor, Season 22-Episode 2

*Spoiler Alert*

The Bachelor, Season 22 -Episode 2

Bachelor Season 22- Episode (5)

Episode Review

First Date Card of the Season- One on One Date

The episode opens with the first date card of the season. We see Becca K. whisked away on a motorcycle with Arie.

Becca’s date consisted of Arie “spoiling” her-trying on Rachel Zoe designer dresses with Rachel, for her date that evening. She also received a pair of Loubuitton shoes, and Neil Lane earrings to go with her outfit (and she was able to keep them!)

While Becca is starting off her one on one date, Krystal receives a one on one date card.

We resume with Becca’s date where we learn about her on and off 7-year relationship. We also learn that Becca’s father passed away of Brain cancer when she was only 19. This makes her family very important to her.  Arie, at the end of the date, says it “was the perfect first date”, and that she was a “sweet” and “honest” person. She, of course, receives a rose.

Second Date Card-One on One Date

“Home is where the heart is” – is what Krystal’s date card said. This date card was very revealing, leaving no mystery to its destination. Arier took Krystal to his home in Scottsdale, AZ via a private airplane. He show’s her around the “most livable city”, and they see where he had his first kisses, and where he went to high school. After the tour is over, they go to his house to look at baby pictures and view childhood videos. When Arie becomes too embarrassed, he takes her to meet his parents!

Side note: at this point, I would just like to say that Krystal resembles his mother, in my opinion. Or is that just me? Also- meeting the parents on the first date?! Really?

During the small talk with Arie’s parents, they discuss his parents being together for 36 years, and him being close to his family. Arie then tells Krystal he has another surprise for her and they head to dinner.

Arie being so close to his family scares Krystal. She tells Arie about her less than traditional background, but Arie isn’t taken aback by her rocky family past. He can see that she’s an “open”,”independent”, “beautiful” and “loving person”, and she also receives a rose. After their dinner chat, they move to Arie’s last surprise.

He takes Krystal to an empty theater where Connor Duermit serenades them as they slow dance. As the date ends Krystal lets us know Arie makes her feel “safer” and “braver”. He let us know if Krystal is the last one standing he would want to give her a life of “stability and family”.


Bachelor Season 22- Episode (8)

The Fight for the Group Date Rose

Fifteen, yes, fifteen women are chosen to go on a group date with Arie. This group date is a “Bash-elor Demolition Derby”. As Tia put it, “this is some redneck shit.” As the girls are spray painting their cars, Annaliese has an emotional break down from “bumper car trauma”. (Yes, you also read that right. I think even Arie was trying not to laugh as he comforts her.)

Sienna ended up crushing her competition and winning the group date rose. Even despite Chelsea’s best efforts to litterally steal the night away from the other women and sharing with Arie that she has a son. Bibiana becomes very frustrated with the whole process and takes this frustration into the cocktail party before the episode’s rose ceremony.

Rose Ceremony

Krystal, although safe from elimination, can’t help but keep stealing Arie away. And between Krystal and Chelsea, Bibiana has trouble keeping her cool. Lucky for us, we get to see all three of these women duke it out in the upcoming episodes as they all received a rose.

This rose ceremony wasn’t without its scandal, though. Jenny doesn’t receive a rose and walks out without acknowledging Arie. Like a proper gentleman, Arie goes after her, but Jenny gives him a (not literal) slap in the face as she tells him she won’t miss him, but the friends that she made.

Side note: I’m so glad Arie let her go, as she clearly wasn’t there for the “right reasons”.


I have a rough guess to who my final four women will be: Jacqueline, Bekah, Caroline, and Jenna. I think Caroline is still my first choice for the final rose, but this could change when we see her interact with Arie in her one on one time (whenever that may be).

Typically, I keep a running list in my head of who will make it to the final four, who makes it to the final two, and who will receive the magical final rose. This year, I am participating in the Official Fantasy League.

I have created a group for those of you who would like to join me in predicting who the next happy couple will be. If you want to join please click here, then search for the group I look forward to guessing with you throughout the season!

Fantasy League Questions:

My guesses for last weeks fantasy league play?

Last Week:

TRUE or FALSE: Arie introduces one of the bachelorettes to his parents during this episode.



How many women join Arie on the first group date?
 Arie spoils one of the bachelorettes with a pair of heels from which designer?
Manolo Blahnik
Jimmy Choo
Christian Louboutin
What causes one bachelorette to confront another bachelorette at the cocktail party?
Who gets a rose
Interrupting one-on-one time
Duplicate dresses
Spilling a drink
10 points
TRUE OR FALSE: A bachelorette takes a dip in a hot tub with Arie in this episode.
 Which bachelorette is wowed when she receives the first one-on-one date of the season?

Total Points: 10 points

This Week:

What does GLOB stand for?
Grand Ladies of The Bachelor
Glamorous Ladies of The Bachelor
Gorgeous Ladies of The Bachelor
Great Ladies of The Bachelor
TRUE or FALSE: Arie gives out a rose during his one-on-one date.
Which actor from the film “Best in Show” joins Chris Harrison to commentate during the group date dog show?
Fred Willard
Catherine O’Hara
Eugene Levy
Christopher Guest
Which former bachelor does Arie have to battle in the ring?
TRUE or FALSE: A bachelorette leaves the mansion during the cocktail party prior to the rose ceremony.
 Which bachelorette attempts to WOW Arie with a private cabana but ends up without a rose?
Let me know if you tune into the bachelor, and who your favorite bachelor of all time was. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment if you’re participating in the fantasy league, and let me know who you think will make the top four ( & receive the final rose)!
Until Later My Friends,
Sina K.

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