The Bachelor, Season 22-Episode 3

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The Bachelor, Season 22 -Episode 3

Episode Review


Third Date Card of the Season- Group Date

This episode begins with the first group date of the season. “It is all about the ring”. This group date-if you hadn’t guessed, was all about “wrestling”. The Bachelor franchise brought in two of the original cast from the TV series GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling to show the “Gorgeous Ladies of the Bachelor” how to “fight”.

Apparently, Arie has quite a few tenderhearted women in this bunch, and not just one, but two of the girls can’t handle the heat the old ladies are bringing. So we were graced with Tia’s tears as she cries about the “bad vibes” the old GLOW cast members bring and watch the girls “have an opportunity to actually kill each other” and “earn Aries love”.

This group date seemed particularly stage and was a rather unexciting date overall. (Even with Kenny from Rachel’s season making an appearance!) We see Jacqueline get “rocked” during the faux fights, and shield our eyes as we see a sexual dance? (I’m not sure WHAT was going on there?)

After the faux fights are over, the group heads over to the cozy Caravan Outpost that is filled with classic Airstreams, and the girls just can’t get over Krystal stealing Arie away first again declaring it “savage”.  (There’s always got to be that girl, am I right?)

Side note: Krystal asks Arie if she should be more aggressive during her one on one time of this group date, I’m just wondering how much more aggressive a person can get? Just me? 

Unfortunately enough for Krystal, Bekah ends up nabbing the group date rose.

Fourth Date Card of the Season- One on One Date

Lauren S. grabs the second date with “you had me at Merlot” and the date card doesn’t disappoint. Lauren was whisked away to wine country on (another!) private plane.  The date seems to be going along just splendidly until dinner.

As the dinner portion of the one on one date begins in a wine cellar, Lauren begins to chat Arie up… and down. Lauren babbles and babbles on. At first, it’s annoying and then you start to pity her. In fact, I think she pitties herself and can’t stop self-destructing.  In fact, it goes on so long that THE BACHELOR ACTUALLY ATE HIS FOOD! Since when does that ever happen?! Unfortunately for Lauren, she is sent home after dinner. Even more unfortunately, to no one’s surprise.

Arie ends the date saying his decision was “difficult”, but “necessary”.

Love is Ruff- Fifth Date Card

Since there are barely fifteen women left in this episode, the contests this week had the privilege of slightly more one on one time with Arie than last week’s women.

“Love is Ruff” and so are some of these women. The ladies this week had the opportunity to dog train and present the dog’s skills in front of an audience. Annaliese, who made it on this date, ended up with a shitty job of pooper scooper since she had another childhood “trauma” where a dog bit her.

While Annaliese is trying to make the best of her shitty situation, Krystal is sitting at home complaining about how the girls are “insecure” around her, and how she wishes it could all be over, and how she had such a hard life working so much. Apparently, everyone is trying to make the best of a crappy situation?

I think Arie enjoyed “courting the girls doggie-style”. (Quite risque don’t ya think Bachelor? LOL)

Sadly enough, it never gets better for Annaliese who has a ruff time on this group date. When she finally receives the one on one time she was so desperately craving, she kills the vibe and every chance of getting a rose from Arie. I think it was actually lucky for her that Chelsea interrupted!

The night ends with Chelsea receiving the group date rose.

Cocktail Party & Rose Ceremony

This week’s cocktail party drama was kept to a minimum, and the only very obvious and semi-exciting thing we see is between Annaliese and Arie. Unfortunately, after being rejected for a kiss, she seals her own fate by asking Arie if he sees a future with her. He does not, and mercifully enough, sends her home before the rose ceremony.

Bibiana made a very sweet attempt to get one on one time that is private with Arie by setting up a makeshift cabana. However, instead of us watching her sweet talk her way into getting a rose, we see Arie take not one, but three women to her setup. Bibiana did make an attempt, I think, to say something to Arie about it being her setup. It wasn’t her night though and she gets told he needs “five more minutes” (to kiss another girl on her cabana). The poor girl was getting kicked when she was already down. I hope she has better luck outside the Bachelor Mansion.

Arie also made a gesture to woo Tia by setting up hay bales and bringing her some moonshine.

Because two girls already went home throughout the episode, only one girl gets sent away. Bibiana just didn’t make the cut.


First off, I just wanna say-Chelsea and Krystal- Y’all just need to go home. “There, I said it”.

Do you like having the villains stay on the show, or do you want to see them sent packing? Have you chosen your final four? Let me know in the comments!

I have once again changed my final four contestants. I have now chosen Becca, Bekah, Caroline, and Jacqueline. Instead of feeling more confident about my choices as the episodes go on, I am actually getting second thoughts.

Typically, I keep a running list in my head of who will make it to the final four, who makes it to the final two, and who will receive the magical final rose. This year, I am participating in the Official Fantasy League.

I have created a group for those of you who would like to join me in predicting who the next happy couple will be. If you want to join please click here, then search for the group I look forward to guessing with you throughout the season!

Fantasy League Questions:

My guesses for last weeks fantasy league play?

Last Week:

What does GLOB stand for?
Grand Ladies of The Bachelor
Glamorous Ladies of The Bachelor
Gorgeous Ladies of The Bachelor
Great Ladies of The Bachelor
TRUE or FALSE: Arie gives out a rose during his one-on-one date.

10 points

Which actor from the film “Best in Show” joins Chris Harrison to commentate during the group date dog show?
Fred Willard
Catherine O’Hara
Eugene Levy
Christopher Guest

10 points

Which former bachelor does Arie have to battle in the ring?
TRUE or FALSE: A bachelorette leaves the mansion during the cocktail party prior to the rose ceremony.

10 points

 Which bachelorette attempts to WOW Arie with a private cabana but ends up without a rose?

20 points

Last Week: 50 Points  Running Total: 70 Points

This Week:

Arie chooses a one-on-one date with a bachelorette because she is…
A damn good kisser
All of the above
TRUE or FALSE: One of the bachelorettes refers to herself in the third person.
How does Arie prove to the women he can survive in the wilderness?
Assembling a tent
Eating a bug
Starting a fire
Fighting a bear
A bachelorette discovers a scar on Arie that is from…
A skiing accident
A fall down a flight of stairs
A car crash
An angry ex
TRUE or FALSE: A group of the bachelorettes end up in a hot tub with Arie.
Which bachelorette wows everyone with a last-minute move during the rose ceremony?
Let me know if you tune into the bachelor, and who your favorite bachelor of all time was. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment if you’re participating in the fantasy league, and how you’re doing!
Until Later My Friends,
Sina K.

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  • I love the bachelor but I haven’t been keeping up this season… Oops! This recap was just what I needed!

    • Sina K.
      1 month ago

      I’m definitely starting to get invested in the season. It took me a while this time around, but I think this season is finally starting to pick up!

  • Jolene
    1 month ago

    I don’t watch The Bachelor but you make it sound interesting. I like your honest take on it. 😁

    • Sina K.
      1 month ago

      Thank you! I try to be completely honest and transparent on my blog! I appreciate you visiting!

  • Erin
    1 month ago

    I spend half my time yelling at the women on this show through my tv screen. lol Krystal with her breathy voice and “should i be more assertive?” question needs to go home STAT. She’s there to promote her fitness business. Annaliese and her childhood bumper car and dog trauma… what the heck? lol I think she must have been very stressed out to cry over so many random childhood events. Bibiana was so negative that I was happy to see her leave. (She seemed to have a lot of pent up anger, didn’t she?) So far I like the two Becca’s to make it to the end, and I’m not sure who else. PS: There can never be too many Arie kissing scenes 🙂

    • Sina K.
      1 month ago

      YES!!! her breathy voice NEEDS TO GO HOME! In Bibiana’s own words… “I’m broken”. And personally, they zoom in WAY too close during Arie’s kissing scenes LOL they look a little … moist?

  • I’ve watched quite a few seasons of the Bachelor/Bachelorette and finally had to give it a rest. Every situation is so painfully fabricated. Was definitely interesting reading your post about the current season though. I personally don’t think the show needs a villain to be entertaining. They should always be voted off in my opinion.

    • Sina K.
      1 month ago

      Oh, that’s a great point about the villain! You’re right that there is SO much drama the show could go on easily without an antagonist. Also, as much as I can not stand that everything is so pre-fabricated I just can’t stop watching!

  • Jasmine A
    1 month ago

    I had no idea there was a fantasy league for Bachelor, that’s so interesting!

    • Sina K.
      1 month ago

      It’s something that they’ve started relatively recently. I think it makes watching the show much more fun!

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