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How to Use the Simplified Life Planner and Cultivate What Matters Powersheets

2018 PowerSheets Collection
I’ve been a long time user of the Emily Ley Simplified Life Planners, and I have achieved planner peace with them!

(YAY! All you Planners know how HARD that can be!)

This year, I wanted to take a step further and not only know what my goals were for the year, but also really go out and achieve those goals.

Previously, I have used the *Slay Your Goals Planner, and while I love it, I just wanted to keep it interesting so I would stay engaged.

What I’ve been using this year to help me cultivate what matters to me are the *Powersheets by Lara Casey. Powersheets are an intentional goal planner that helps you determine your priorities and live your best life.

Now, I’m perfectly aware you don’t need any type of goal planner. However, goal planning really helps me visualize and be purposeful on what I choose to focus on throughout the year.

In addition to that, I feel like it’s fun to flip through both your calendar planner and your goal planner to see what was important to you in a given year. It helps you see what was really going on in your life.

Now I ALWAYS choose the Emily Ley Polk-a-dot planner, and this year was no exception, so I HAD to have my goal planner match! (Since that was an option!) That meant that my goal planner was the undated version. (Which is fine! You can grab yours *here)

Looks how gorgeous they are! If that isn’t motivating I don’t know what is!

I really use both of these planners to be more intentional with and to simplify my life. Between the two of these amazing tools I have all the comings and goings and to-dos and achieve this ALL in one place, and when I say that I literally me EVERYTHING is in these two books.

I think the key to using these tools is to realize that they are just that. They are tools.

They may work for you. If they do, GREAT! If they don’t, there may be something else out there suited to your need. If it isn’t working for you it isn’t a tool.

I also think that the tools are made to be used and to be used how you need them. Customizes them, change them, write in them, and USE them. A tool cannot serve its function unless it is being used!
Academic Agenda, Daily or Weekly by Emily Ley

How I Use My Simplified Life Planner

and Cultivate What Matter Powersheets

First, I like to customize my planner/Powersheets. I do this by adding personal touches and practical items to them.

I like to add my name to the front of them via a sticker. (I make these with my Silhouette machine. If you don’t have one and you use stickers in planning a lot, you should consider buying one.)

Erin Condren Adhesive Pen Holder Set of 3

Next, I like to add items that make these books more functional. I add some *Erin Condren Adhesive Pen Holders to the back outside cover. So I always have a writing utensil handy.

Side note: the reason for it being on the outside is that it interferes with the papers less. You won’t have a bump or lump when trying to write!

I also love to add some *Erin Condren Adhesive Pockets to the inside back cover of my planner and the inside covers of the Powersheets. I use the *Stylized Sticky pockets because they’re so thin they don’t give you the dreaded bump, but you could also use the *Clear Sticky Corner pocket which would be a slightly sturdier option.

After I add all the little functional items it comes time to begin writing.

In my Emily Ley Planner, I usually start by highlighting all the Federal Holidays in the monthly view so they stand out more. I also highlight Mother’s Day and Father’s because they are days that require me to do something (send gifts!).

I also take the time to write down all the birthdays in both the monthly AND daily views of my planner. Monthly views so I’ll remember to write birthday cards in advance, and daily so I’ll remember to give them a call.

Next, I like to mark down in the monthly view anything that I already have scheduled. (Think appointments, vacations, etc.)

I will also take this time to mark down items in the monthly view sidebar that I know I will need to do. For instance, in the month of October, I like to find and book my Christmas Picture photographer so I’ll have time to send out Christmas Cards before Christmas comes.

Colorful Doodles, Sticker Set
I also sometimes decorate the monthly views with fun little stickers, but that’s totally just my preference!

I’ve written a planner review that includes how I use the daily pages of my planner, which you can check out here. But, I use the daily pages as they are designed, and then typically use the notes section for my work.

The only other way I make my planner more functional is that I add two binder clips. One to clip to the month that I’m on, and one to clip between that month and the day that I’m on.

2018 PowerSheets Collection

Full disclosure, I’m still learning how to make my Powersheets work for me because it’s my first year using them. So far this is what I have done.

Besides the front page name sticker, and the added *Erin Condren adhesive pockets, I add a binder clip to mark where I’m at in my goal planner.

With this goal planner, I like to have a little more fun, because I usually take a little more time when writing in this compared to my planner! ( I think that’s just because of the nature of what it is.) I also want the Powersheets to inspire me to reach my goals.

To be honest, I went through the first section of the goal planner very slowly, in fact, I’m not quite finished. There’s a lot of digging down into who you are at the very core-it’s deep stuff, and something I can’t rush through.

I also took the time to listen to Laura Casey’s book Cultivate on Audible while going through this planner. It really helped me to understand what her vision was when she created these Powersheets and inspired me to not be afraid of “the dirt”.

If you haven’t used Audible, I recommend highly recommend it! It has ALL the best books for you to listen to while you’re busy living life. Who says you don’t have time to read anymore! Give it a try today and get two FREE audiobooks! It’s how I almost exclusively “read books” nowadays! 

Overall, the way this tool helps me discover my goals. The way you lay out an action plan to achieve them has been tough, but a very rewarding journey. I’m looking forward to continuing to use these Powersheets throughout the year. (I may even have to write an update for you guys!)


If you use the *Emily Ley Planer or the *Cultivate What Matters Powersheets, leave me a comment down below on how you customize them! If you haven’t used them before, please check them out. They’ve been life-changing for me!

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