Bachelor Season 22 Episode 4

The Bachelor, Season 22 -Episode 4

*Spoiler Alert*

The Bachelor, Season 22 Episode 4

Episode Review

Sixth Date Card of the Season- One on One

This episode opens with a splash as the girls gossip amongst one another about Bekah’s age. In fact, most of the episode is littered with the girls “discussing” Bekah’s “secret”.

Side note: I agree with most of the women that Bekah may be a little too young for Arie, but I’m not sure why they’re just focusing and picking on her. After all, Maquel is also over a decade younger than Arie-so why isn’t anyone giving their two cents about that?

With only 15 girls left as this episode opens, tensions begin to run high in the Bachelor Mansion, but the girls soon turn their attention from Bekah to their new location: South Lake Tahoe. The first date card of the episode is handed out- and it’s a one on one for Seinne.

Seinne’s one on one with Arie is full of fun as they are spied by the girls parasailing. Arie describes Seinne as “pretty amazing”, and a “damn good kisser”.  But doesn’t seemed intrigued enough to not touch the food.

Side note: Seriously, what is with Arie always eating on his dates? Is the man always hungry? Why is he one of the only Bachelors to eat during his dates? Is he bored? I want an answer. 

A call from Maquel’s mother also sends another splash into the Bachelor pool-as she finds out that her Grandfather unexpectedly passes away. Maquel makes the decision to go home (and we have yet to find out if she returns or not).

While Seinne is on her date, the group date card comes and we see that both Chelsea and Krystal are on the date which can only mean one thing- DRAMA!

We can also guess (as do the girls) that since Bekah M is NOT going on the group date she receives the second one on one date later on in this episode.

We cut back to Seinne and Arie’s date where Arie reveals that after his serious previous televised relationship he dated people who weren’t ready for marriage… on purpose, but he also tells Seinne that “this could be the start of something amazing” and they slow dance in front of a crowd of fans as they are serenaded by Lanco.

Seventh Date Card of the Season- Group Date

The group date consisted of surviving the wilderness and weathering the terrain-including fake drinking pee and eating bugs. Tia had it right when she said: “There are some savage women out here “.

Kyrstal, of course, cannot be outdone by anyone in the savage department, and a lot of the episode focuses on her- and all her issues with the other females. Krystal’s complaints vary from the other females not being “compatible with Arie”, to being “desperate”, and “juvenile”.

When the wilderness part of the group date is over, Arie then tries to make one on one time with all the women who were on the group date. Arie, in my opinion, isn’t great at small talk and talks about traveling with taxidermy and how Krystal feels “ostracised”.

We see the girls who were waiting for a chance to talk to Arie just talking, and the Krystal dominating the conversation, telling everyone how she feels “challenged”, and how the other’s don’t have a sense of “self-identity”.

Side note: I’m not sure if the Bachelor crew is just really good at making people look like villains, or Krystal is just really insecure, and self-absorbed? 

We have a hard time getting away from the Krystal train as she gushes about the “juvenile state” of the other girls, and  about her “like… like, a mix of emotions, like I feel really happy, like, to be here”, and how she is just “so vulnerable”.

Not only are we starting to get annoyed at Krystal, but the other girls, including our other “villain” Chelsea, are too. “It feels condescending”, and Krystal should “take her lips off his a**” are just some of the comments from the other women.

However, vindication is sweet, and at the end of the group date, Tia receives the rose.

Bekah (M.)’s One on One- Eigth Date Card

Bekah and Arie really seem to hit it off during their horseback riding, hot tubbing dating. They seem to really understand each other “ya know”.

Arie seems smitten with the young vixen until she tells him how old she is. “Oh my gosh,” Arie says, you’re “so damn young”. He seems to be in a state of true shock. “I’m worried” he says, “I think maybe you’re not ready”.

And he tells Bekah that if he took a risk, and it didn’t work out it wouldn’t have been worth it because “I need a wife”. SERIOUSLY?!

Side note: that comment from Arie made me want to jump overboard off this Bachelor boat. I was starting to warm up to him- but now I’m back to thinking he’s one of the worst picks for Bachelor yet. 

None the less, Bekah does end up securing a rose from Arie and Arie still seems as smitten as ever with this “deep” and wise woman-even though he proclaims that he is proceeding with caution.

Side note: I think most men looking for a wife would have sent Bekah packing.  I think the allure of Bekah is that she is spunky and probably makes Arie feel young too. It also helps that she is youthful and there’s probably a lot of physical attraction there too, but I just can’t get over the fact that he could almost be her father.  Overall, I do like Bekah, but I think she needs to maybe find a different man.

Cocktail Party & Rose Ceremony

All the girls have made up their mind that they want Krystal to go home as they head into the cocktail party and rose ceremony. When it is announced that Arie “doesn’t need” the cocktail party and that they will go straight into the rose ceremony, and then Krystal pulls a move to speak to Arie before he hands out roses, all the women’s feelings are solidified even more.

Unfortunately, Krystal ends up receiving a final rose, and he sent one of my favorite women, Caroline, home. I think keeping Krystal really deflated the mood of the other women in the house.


Bekah’s age was too much of a focus this episode, as was Krystal and all her “problems”. It’s hard to see Arie really advancing his relationship with any of the girls because we don’t really get to watch his time with them. I think both Bekah and Maquel should be sent home because the age gap between them and Arie is pretty severe.

I feel really sad that he sent my final rose choice, Caroline, home. I felt like she was a pretty, and level-headed no-nonsense woman, who would’ve made a great partner and wife-which is, after all, what Arie says he’s looking for.

Chelsea is annoying, but I think Krystal is definitely the real “villain” of this season.  I feel strongly that both women should be sent home.


Typically, I keep a running list in my head of who will make it to the final four, who makes it to the final two, and who will receive the magical final rose. This year, I am participating in the Official Fantasy League.

I have created a group for those of you who would like to join me in predicting who the next happy couple will be. If you want to join please click here, then search for the group I look forward to guessing with you throughout the season!

Fantasy League Questions:

My guesses for last weeks fantasy league play?

Last Week:

Arie chooses a one-on-one date with a bachelorette because she is…
A damn good kisser
All of the above

10 points

TRUE or FALSE: One of the bachelorettes refers to herself in the third person.
How does Arie prove to the women he can survive in the wilderness?
Assembling a tent
Eating a bug
Starting a fire
Fighting a bear
A bachelorette discovers a scar on Arie that is from…
A skiing accident
A fall down a flight of stairs
A car crash
An angry ex

10 points

TRUE or FALSE: A group of the bachelorettes end up in a hot tub with Arie.

10 points

Which bachelorette wows everyone with a last-minute move during the rose ceremony?

Total for Last Week: 30 points

Total for All Weeks: 100 points

This Week (Week 5):

Which of the following does Arie lick during a group date?
A shoe
The ground
A bowling ball
A belt
TRUE or FALSE: Arie gets called a liar by one of the bachelorettes.
During a competition, the bachelorettes split into two teams named…
Second Chance Chics & In It to Win It
The Spare Roses & The Pin-Ups
Petal to the Metal & Arie’s Angels
The Final Rose & Hot Stuff
 TRUE or FALSE: Arie and a bachelorette encounter a shark while on a date.
When Arie switches up group date plans, a bachelorette angrily reacts by promptly…
Packing her bags
Yelling at Arie
Getting drunk
Trashing her room
Who wows Arie during and gets the rose at the end of the group date?
Real Estate Agent
Becca K.
Bekah M.
Real Estate Exec. Assistant
Research Coordinator
Social Media Manager
Creative Director
Fitness Coach
Lauren B.
Tech Salesperson
Restaurant Owner
Commercial Real Estate Manager
Physical Therapist 
Let me know if you tune into the bachelor, and who your favorite bachelor of all time was. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment if you’re participating in the fantasy league, and how you’re doing!
Until Later My Friends,
Sina K.

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