Fearless Female Friday: Kim Kelly

Fearless Female Friday: Featuring Kim Kelly

Fearless Female Friday

Get To Know Kim …

Kim: I am a wife, mom of 3, Accountant, and Certified Quickbooks Consultant

What’s a typical day in your life?

Kim: Wake up kids to school and then work, work, work. I try to make a weekly networking event and church on Sunday with the fam jam.

How are you fearless?

Kim: I own Katy QuickBooks Advisors LLC, it’s an accounting and small business advising firm. We do training, financial education, and monthly bookkeeping outsourcing. I was recently featured by Intuit Accountants on a social media campaign.

Why did you decide to become fearless?

Kim: I felt small business owners often lacked the resources to get high-quality accounting and business advice. My business helps owners achieve and track their financial goals. Owners can choose their level of involvement. Working with me is like having a trusted business partner and CFO looking out for your business.

What is, or was, your biggest obstacle on your way to becoming fearless?

Kim: Learning to try new things and step outside of my box.

What is your biggest motivating factor for being fearless?

Kim: Setting an example for my children and having the security of knowing I can run my family if there are financial setbacks such as job losses, or unforeseen circumstances.

Where do you find inspiration?

Kim: In others, humans are amazing beings that continue to amaze me daily

What accomplishment are you most proud of in life?

Kim: Aside from my kids. Probably my education. Out of some 29 grandchildren, I am the only one to get a college education. I hold (2) degrees, in Business and in Accounting. I’m also a registered candidate with the state of Texas accountancy board. I did all that as a single mom. Crazy when I think about it now.

What is your life (or year) motto (or word)?

Kim: God has a plan. 2017

What is your favorite beauty routine or go-to outfit?

Kim: Channel foundation les beiges, some waterline eyeliner, a little bronzer, highlight, lip gloss, and mascara. 5 minutes tops and out the door looking well kept 😉

What is your best self-care tip?

Kim: When you look good you feel good. Try to make yourself look good daily, even when you don’t feel good. If you can’t, don’t beat yourself up over it. Every day is a new opportunity.

Name your top three priorities in life?

Kim: Family, Education, Helping Others

How do you Live by the Margin?

Kim: I love post it’s. I use them often. For brainstorming and place reminders on my front door with them.

What is your favorite phone app? 

Kim: Amazon Music

What is your favorite social media account?

Kim: All of them! Lol seriously!

What is your best advice for females trying to be fearless?

Kim: Find your motivation and exploit it. Push the limits and never be afraid to change direction when needed. Let go of what others might think. You have to make choices in life sometimes those choice equal sacrifice. Make sure the sacrifices are worth the reward or goal. Enjoy your children, they grow so incredibly fast. Also, it’s okay if your kids aren’t in 4 sports and activities each. I promise it is.

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Fearless Female Friday: Kim Kelly

Photo provided by Kim Kelly. Used with Permission.

Hey Friends, Thanks for joining us this Friday to check out our third featured fearless female!

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