TV Tuesday: The Bachelor, Season 22-Episode 6

*Spoiler Alert*

The Bachelor, Season 22 Episode 6

Episode Review

The women (and Arie!) are in Paris, the “City of Love”. Will any of the women fall in love with Arie? They’ll have a chance, especially since there are four dates this week, and not just three!

(Before now, there has been only group dates or one-on-one dates. This week they also added a two-on-one date!)


As the girls float down the Seine river, will Lauren float off into Arie’s arms? We can’t be sure! But the date card suggests she might, “Let’s fall in love in Paris”, as she opens this weeks round of dates with a one-on-one with Arie.

Most of us couldn’t imagine a more romantic setting then strolling down the streets of Paris with our Love. Lauren should have been able to make an amazing connection with Arie, but instead, we see her “not being able to trust”. (And not being able to talk? She just repeated “wow” over and over on this date!)

Arie is concerned about her lack of emotion and vulnerability but takes the time to be vulnerable to her as an example that they can trust one another. He reveals that a woman had been pregnant with his child, but that she, unfortunately, ended up miscarrying. The tragic event led to the end of their relationship.

Lauren, in turn, reveals that she’s been engaged before and that it might be affecting her ability to trust him. Despite the lack of “missing the simple easy conversation”  Lauren still receives a rose.

(Although, I personally think she should be sent home, and I’m assuming she will be one of the next to be sent home.)

Group Date- “Let’s get all dressed up”

The group date was quite the flash with Arie taking the women to a day at the Moulin Rouge. (For those of you unfamiliar, this is considered the birthplace of Cabaret.)

The women participated in learning a choreographed dance, dressing up in costume, and competing for extra time with Arie which included dancing on stage at the Moulin Rouge. While some women are grossly uncomfortable, all of them appear to be giving their best efforts.

Bekah, who seems wildly excited about this date, scores the chance to have more time with Arie and dance with him later that night.

The Two-on-One Date- “We’ll Always Have Paris”

“Two women, one rose, one stays, one goes”

Krystal, to no one’s surprise, ends up being picked for the two on one date along with Kendall and Arie.

Both women are taken to a magnificent chateau in the beautiful French countryside. Arie is hoping to give Krystal a “second chance” or a “last chance” and unfortunately, Krystal feels the need to try to sabotage Kendall’s relationship with Arie. Krystal decided to let Arie know that Kendall isn’t ready for marriage.

Kendall, although I have to agree with Krystal-somewhat patronizingly, tries be a bigger person and help Krystal by discussing how to properly deal with emotions.

Arie decides to take both women to dinner as he needs more time to think about which women he can continue developing a relationship with.

(Side note: I think this may be one of the first times in Bachelor history this has happened? Someone let me know if I’m wrong!)

Thankfully, after a very awkward “dinner” Arie decides to let Krystal go. Which, I believe, genuinely devastates and bewliders Krystal who thinks she’s “wife material”.

Kendall and Arie wrap up the evening by kissing at the top of the Eifel Tower.


Jacqueline, being the only girl who hasn’t gone on a date this week yet, by default receives the last date in Paris.

She and Arie are able to successfully navigate a broken car, some high fashion, and a dinner in Maxim. She does receive a rose from Arie. She is descirbed as the type of women he could “really see a future with”.

Cocktail Party & Rose Ceremony

Becca, Bekah, Jacqueline, Lauren, Kendal, Tia and Sienne all receive a rose.

Most women stay and discuss what fun their next week will be in Tuscany, Italy, but Lauren takes the time to discuss how aggravated and annoyed she feels towards the other women.


Personally, I don’t think Lauren has one of the stronger connections with Arie, and I’m surprised she’s still here. But I guess a man can only do so much work in a week, and with both Chelsea and Krystal gone, I think there’s finally room for the other women to breathe!


Typically, I keep a running list in my head of who will make it to the final four, who makes it to the final two, and who will receive the magical final rose. This year, I am participating in the Official Fantasy League.

I have created a group for those of you who would like to join me in predicting who the next happy couple will be. If you want to join please click here, then search for the group I look forward to guessing with you throughout the season!

Fantasy League Questions:

 Total for Week 6: 10 points

Total for All Weeks: 130 points

This Week (Week 7):

 During their one-on-one date Arie and a bachelorette search for which of the following?
Italian Ice
TRUE or FALSE: Arie takes a moment for himself during a date with a bachelorette.
Which of the following does Arie eat on one date and learn to make on another?
Ricotta Cheese
How many one-on-one dates does Arie have in Tuscany?
TRUE or FALSE: A bachelorette leaves without having a date with Arie while in Tuscany.
Which bachelorette is wowed by an intimate Italian family dinner with Arie on a date?
Becca K.
Bekah M.
Research Coordinator
Creative Director
Lauren B.
Tech Salesperson
Commercial Real Estate Manager
Physical Therapist
Let me know if you tune into the bachelor, and who your favorite bachelor of all time was. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment if you’re participating in the fantasy league, and how you’re doing!
Until Later My Friends,
Sina K.

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