Hey Friend,

As a mom, or spouse, or woman, or (you fill in the blank), do you feel the pressure of “having to do it all”?

I’m a fellow mom (of one) who knows just what it feels like trying to juggle all the balls that life has thrown.

However, instead of accepting this life and trying to do it all, I’ve decided to “live life by the margin”. By this I mean, I love to live a simple life. This is not easily accomplished.

It is a conscious daily decision to focus on the important people in my life. It is reducing things that decrease my happiness and increase my stress levels; it is learning to live without. Without the clutter of things I don’t need, and without the craziness and chaos of activities, I don’t really need to be doing.

It is having room in my life, and white space in my planner (the Margins), to enjoy unexpected memories and irreplaceable moments, whenever they might occur.

I realized you don’t have to do it all, you just have to do what matters.

If you’re interested in a place to start, try 30 Days of Margin freebie:


Some of the things I enjoy now that I am on my path to simplifying are, fashion, organizing, sipping coffee, drinking wine, baking, longs walks through Target, spending too much at TJ Maxx, and spending time with my little one who is the inspiration behind Living by the Margin.

In this blog, you will find the things that spark joy in my life. I hope you will join me on my path of discovering what matters and creating a life filled with joy.

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Your Friend,
Sina K




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