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Limitation of Liability

I, Sina K., am not liable for any errors or omissions on this blog. Although I try to encourage a positive atmosphere, I am not liable for user-generated content, or what others post on my blog. Although I hope that users take to heart things written on my blog, and have an overall positive experience here,  I disclaim liability to other’s actions in relation to my content on this blog. I am in no way acting in a professional capacity and I am not responsible for users actions.

Rules of User Conduct and Content

As a reader, no form of verbal abuse, or hate speech is allowed on this site.

Refrain from posting about or using this blog to engage in Illegal Activities.

Do not distribute content that is malicious or deceitful such as viruses, or malware, or for scams.

Spam, Harassment, Bullying, Threatening, exploitation, sexually explicit material, verbally explicit material, depictions of violence, and impersonation are also not tolerated and not permitted in any way on this site.

If you have encountered any of the prohibited activities on this site please use the Contact Me page to contact me.


I reserve the right to block or terminate any user or follower for abuse of these policies.

Privacy Policy

Dear Readers,

I care about you and your privacy. I do collect certain information from you when you come visit my blog.

My Host, Host Gator, might collect information from my site.

My email list and newsletters are some of the ways I collect information. If you give me your email for subscription or for post updates, I am collecting it. The tools that I use to help me manage those emails also have access to them.

I also do advertising on my site. Some of the advertisers I use are Google Adsense, Chitika,, Amazon, among various other advertisers. These advertisers also have access to information gained on my site.

Please note information is also collected through affiliate links. Some of the companies I work with are Emily Ley, DockaTot, Kabrita, among others.

Some of the ways your information can be collected are through cookies, forms, or sometimes other voluntary means.

I will NEVER sell the information I collect on my site. As stated above I may be sharing info with affiliates, partners or advertisers, and for advertising purposes.

may release information as required by law or to prevent harm to others. (As I believe this to be in everyone’s best interest.)

This is not unconditional and all-encompassing, however, I will do my best to protect your privacy.

Thank you for your trust.

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Links marked with a * are affiliate links which means I receive a small commission through purchases. (This does not cost you any extra.) I appreciate your support, which helps fund this endeavor.

Governing Law

This blog is operating from Oklahoma, United States. These are the laws that shall apply.

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I, Sina K., shall not be responsible for what is on, or what is collected by, the websites of the links provided. Please see the Terms and Conditions for those websites on their pages.


This blog is written by me, Sina K., and is not free from error. I am not liable for mistakes.  All opinions are my own.  This blog should not be taken as medical, legal, financial, or professional advice.


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